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Many different OEM equipment providers for the semiconductor wet processing utilize IDX Control Software on both their used and new semiconductor equipment IDX Flexware is widely regarded as an outstanding platform for breathing new life into many of the industry's legacy wet processing systems

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Oct 31, 2015 · Here at Wafer Process Systems, Inc we employ full time service engineering personnel that can assist you in repairs and upgrades of your existing wet process equipment For more information, please call us today at 408 445-3010

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Wet Processing Equipment Modutek provides advanced wet processing equipment to meet all your manufacturing requirements From our state of the art rotary wafer etching system, to our IPA vapor dryer, megasonic cleaner and quartz tube cleaning stations, we provide high quality and reliable wet processing equipment solutions that will address your manufacturing needs

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Wet processing engineering is one of the major streams in textile engineering refers to textile chemical processing engineering and applied science The other three streams in textile engineering are yarn manufacturing engineering, fabric manufacturing engineering, and garments manufacturing engineering The processes of this stream are involved or c

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Wet Processing Equipment such as Wet Process, Spin Rinse Dryers, Acid Wet Stations, Solvent Wet Stations, Megasonic Cleaners, Manual Spray Brush Scrubbers, IPA Vapor Dryers from Used, Surplus, Refurbished Semiconductor Manufacturing Equipment, Parts, Accessories and Supplies For Sale, Auctioned and Wanted

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Continued chemical processing after removal from wet process equipment can result in over etching, stripping, failed wafer patterns and other semiconductor failures How a Quick Dump Tank Works The quick dump rinser fills deionized DI or ultrapure water from the bottom of the bath through nozzle manifold ports that direct the flow upward and

Wet Processing Equipment: Used, Surplus, Refurbished

Wet Processing Equipment such as Spin Rinse Dryers, Wet Process, Acid Wet Stations, IPA Vapor Dryers, Manual Spray Brush Scrubbers from Used, Surplus, Refurbished Semiconductor, Scientific Laboratory Equipment For Sale

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Integrated Process Systems, Inc IPS is a world-class manufacturer of automated wet process equipment and material handling systems From automated loading and unloading equipment, to the latest technology for horizontal conveyorized spray process equipment, or our manual and automated plating systems

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Wyma Solutions is one of the worlds leading manufacturers of post-harvest vegetable and fruit handling equipment

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Wet Process Equipment and Factory Automation Services Superior Automation Wet Process Equipment Solutions Semiconductor Solar Bio-Technology Wet bench supplier, wet process equipment supplier

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Single Wafer Wet Processing Equipment Accommodate single wafer cleaning, wafer etching, wafer stripping and wafer drying in one machine to transition from RD to Pilot Production The Inception is a drying tool for wafers as well as wafer cleaning, wafer etching and wafer stripping all-in-one piece of equipment

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Systems - Automatic and Manually Operated Plating Equipment and Wet Process Systems Applying the right technology to meet process requirements while considering budgetary objectives is an important first step in making any project a success

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CDE Global is the world's number one wet processing equipment company for sand and aggregates, mining, CD waste recycling and industrial sands

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Modutek has an extensive supply wet process equipment to meet all semiconductor manufacturing needs The companys product line includes rotary wafer etching systems, vacuum metal etchers, IPA vapor dryers, megasonic cleaners and quartz tube cleaning stations These products support common wafer cleaning and etching processes such as RCA clean, KOH etching, Piranha etching, silicon nitride etch, GaAs etch and metal etch Moduteks product line delivers superior performance in a safe environment and offers the following benefits: 1 Wet bench stations are compact and ergonomically designed for economical operation with an emphasis on low total cost of ownership 2 Excellent reliability, high operating precision and accurate repeatability means fewer defects, lass waste and higher quality output 3 In house design and manufacturing, including software, means Moduteks engineers can customize all aspects of a wet process line 4 An available high degree of automation results in lowe

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View Our Wet Processing Equipment for Etching, Developing, Stripping, Plating, and more! 500-1 Science Park Road, State College, PA 16803 1-800-243-6288 USA 814-272-2800 Non-USA

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Advanced Processing Support Equipment WET BENCH/ WET PROCESS SYSTEM Intelligent Process Station VORTEX 2000 Wet Process System Automated Systems Semi-automated Systems Manual Wet Stations CHEMICAL DELIVERY SYSTEMS Chemical Dispense Mix Blend Systems Waste Collection Chemical Carts ADVANCED PROCESS SUPPORT Tube Wash: vertical horizontal

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Founded in 1973, acquired WAFAB Wet Process Equipment in 2017 followed by MEGA Fluid Systems in 2018 Headquartered in Livermore CA with over 3,000 employees, $400 M in revenue and debt-free status with over 20 regional offices Serving seven technology markets with nine major families of products and services

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Equipment for carrying out these processes is made by a handful of companies All equipment needs to be tested before a semiconductor fabrication plant is started Wafer processing Wet cleans Cleaning by solvents such as acetone, trichloroethylene and ultrapure water Piranha solution RCA clean Surface passivation Photolithography

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Material Handling Dry Wet The case for polymer-based bearings in food and beverage applications Easier to install, easier to clean and less prone to corrosion, todays highly durable plastic bearings and wear rings are ideal for industrial food production machinery